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Qualifying Papers

ISSN 2694-2577

Decoding Motivating Factors Influencing Cyber Education.

Kaelin Anderson

Marywood University, 2022

Local and Global Homelessness During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Anthony M. Calafaty

Marywood University, 2021

Using Physician Assistant Program Admissions Criteria as Markers for Success on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination: A Review of the Healthcare, Administrative, and Sociological Perspectives.

Abigail Davis

Marywood University, 2021

Recruitment and Retention of Black Teachers in South Carolina.

Lonia M. Davis

Marywood University, 2021

Algorithmic Bias: Addressing Equity and Fairness in Healthcare.

Remle Newton-Dame

Marywood University, 2021

Success Factors in The Carpet Cleaning Industry.

Richard Emiliani

Marywood University, 2023

Women in Educational Leadership.

Amanda M. Forgione

Marywood University, 2022

Leader Self-Serving Behavior: Bad Apples Competing in a Bad Barrel.

Nicholas J. Reed

Marywood University, 2023

The Predictors of Loneliness in Older Adults Aged 65 and Older Living in Northeastern Pennsylvania: A Review of the Physical, Psychological, and Cognitive Perspectives.

Ann Romanosky

Marywood University, 2020

The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the lives of Minority Communities in the US: A Review of the Psychological, Social and Economic Perspectives.

Narad Pokhrel

Marywood University, 2021

What are the causes of the high rate of unemployment in the United States among people with Autism?

Melinda Shannon

Marywood University, 2022

Leadership’s Role in Preventing Algorithmic Bias in Healthcare

Keishalee Shaw

Marywood University, 2023

The Role of Empathy in Social Media.

Larissa Schwass

Marywood University, 2023

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