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Volume 1, Issue 2

October 2020

ISSN 2694-2577

Teaching in the Time of COVID.

M. Elizabeth Azukas, East Stroudsburg University.

Personalized Learning in the Pandemic.

Penn Miller, Wilkes University.

COVID-19: Shaping the New Graduate RN.

Irish Patrick Williams, Hinds Community College Nursing Allied.

Alfonzo R. Haralson, Jackson State University.

COVID-19 Impact on Healthcare and Education Workers: A Phenomenological Case Study in West Africa.

Sr. Draru Mary Cecilia, Sr. Kevin Karimi, and Tara M. Lopatofsky, African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC).

COVID-19, Sustainable Development and West Bank Economy.

Wisam A. Samarah, Al-Quds Open University, Palestine.

A. F. M. Ataur Rahman, North South University, Bangladesh. 

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