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Volume 2, Issue 4

Summer 2021

ISSN 2694-2577

Collaborative Issue. Articles were previously published on the website of the Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA) as research data. Re-published here by the request of the organization' as shared research between AMEPPA and the Journal of Applied Professional Studies.

The Multiple Faces of Corruption: Typology, Forms and Levels.

José Vargas-Hernández, University of Guadalajara, México

Can Ghana Avoid the Resource Curse?

Inge Amundsen, Michelsen Institute, Norway

Political Corruption and National Development in Nigeria.

Matthew Egharevba and Idowu Chiazor, Covenant University, Nigeria

A Case Study of Citizen Engagement in Fostering Democratic Governance in Rwanda.

Yvonne HabiyonizeyeAkershus University College, Norway and Jean Claude MugungaBrandeis University, Massachusetts.

Bad Governance and Corruption in Africa: Symptoms of Leadership and Institutional Failure.

Oluwole OwoyeWestern Connecticut State University and Nicole BissessarKent State University

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